Error Codes

Petabencana uses the standard HTTP Status Codes to communicate errors together with a json formatted error message giving more information as to the root cause of the error. The main codes used are as follows:

4xx Errors

Errors starting with a 4 generally indicate a client side issue that must be resolved before re-querying the service such as:

  • 400 Bad Request - normally caused by an incorrect query parameter e.g. "child \"type\" fails because [\"type\" must be one of [floodgates, pumps, waterways]]"

  • 403 Forbidden - the authentication token is invalid

  • 404 Not Found - the resource was not found, this may indicate an incorrect endpoint or trying to retrieve a record for example, a report, which does not exist

  • 409 Conflict - the resource exists but if the request was allowed a conflict would be created in the system, for example, filing a report for a card where a report already exists

  • 415 Unsupported Media Type - the file being uploaded is not supported by the system - this usually means a binary file such as an image is being uploaded but the Content-Type header with the associated MIME type (e.g. `image/jpeg`) has not been supplied

  • 429 Too Many Requests - you have exceeded your per second or per day quota of requests

5xx Errors

Errors starting with a 5 generally indicate a server side fault and should be immediately:

  • 500 Internal Server Error - a catch-all error indicating that something has failed server side

  • 503 Service Unavailable - the service is down and cannot respond to requests

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