Petabencana is a project initiated by the Urban Risk Lab at MIT as a free, transparent platform for emergency response and disaster management in megacities in South and Southeast Asia.

The platform adopts a “people as sensors” paradigm, where confirmed reports are collected directly from the users at street level in a manner that removes expensive and time-consuming data processing. This framework creates accurate, real-time data which is immediately made available for users and first responders. gathers, sorts, and visualizs data using specially developed CogniCity Open Source Software - an enterprise-level platform for emergency response and disaster management - to transforms the noise of social and digital media into critical information for residents, communities, and government agencies.

Petabencana Data API

Petabencana is backed by a data API exposing a number of public and private endpoints. The documentation that follows allows developers to get up and running. The project is fully open source and the code is available in the Urban Risk Map GitHub. The architectural diagram is available in different formats:

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