Petabencana utilises data feeds from a number of third party sources. This endpoint allows the creation of data into the system for authorised users. Note: authentication is required to post data through the /feeds endpoint.

POST /feeds/qlue

Add a report to the system from Qlue. The following attributes are supported for Qlue reports:

Attribute Description Format Required
post_id Unique qlue identifier for the report Integer Yes
created_at Date and time the card was created Date (ISO 8601) Yes
title The title of the report being filed String No
text Description of the disaster event String No
image_url URL of the associated image String No
qlue_city From which city was the report generated (must be one of jabodetabek, bandung, surabaya) String Yes
disaster_type What type of disaster is being reported (currently only floodis supported) String Yes
location Geographic location of the disaster event Lat/Lng in ESPG:4326 Yes

Here is a simple call to POST a new Qlue report:

curl -X POST -H "X-Api-Key: API_KEY_GOES_HERE" -d '{
    "text":"A big flood",
    "location": {
        "lat": -6.149531,
        "lng": 106.869342
}' "https://data.petabencana.id/feeds/qlue"

Report was successfully created:

  "post_id": 1234567802,
  "created": true

The request was successful however the report already exists:

  "post_id": 1234567802,
  "created": false,
  "message": "1234567802 already exists in reports table"

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